Ascend 172




2017 Remanufactured ASCEND 172 by Yingling. Comprehensive remanufacturing involves a rigorous process of inspection, new parts and complete renovation to better than new standards with all the bells and whistles you'd expect on a modern aircraft. Must see to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into these gems. Overhauled engine and propeller, new paint and interior, all electric flight instruments, Garmin 500 EFIS, GNS650 GPS, GTX 345 ADS-B in/out transponder, and much more! Warranty. Financing available.


• All SID's completed.
• Main and nose landing gear removed, cleaned & inspected, and rebuilt
• New brakes and brake hoses
• New tires & tubes
• New fuel tank gaskets
• New windshield
• New cabin and door windows
• New door seals
• New fluid hoses, air hoses, and filters
• New control cables and pulleys
• All flight controls rebuilt as needed
• All control surface attach hardware replaced with new
• Wing, horizontal, and vertical tips replaced with new
• All new wiring and antennas
• New door locks


• 160 H.P. Overhauled Engine
• Engine truss, NDI inspected and rebuilt as needed
• All new engine accessories (starter, alternator, regulator)
• New engine mounts
• Muffler and tail pipes replaced with new
• New engine control cables replaced with new.
• New engine baffling
• Engine cowlings rebuilt and installed with new shock mounts & hardware
• All wiring replaced with new
• 28 Volt Electrical System

Prop Specs

• Complete propeller overhaul, paint, and balance


• All flight instruments replaced with new (All electric, no vacuum pump.)
• Wet Compass
• Digital Clock
• Sandia Quattro - Standby Instrument
• New Garmin G500 EFIS
• GNS650 GPS
• GMA350 Audio Panel
• GNC-255A Nav/Com
• GTX345 ADS-B In/Out Transponder
• USB Ports
• 12 Volt Plug-In
• New digital Engine Instruments
• All Instrument and sub-panels replaced with new custom fit "metal" panels
• New Pitot-Static and Instrument air lines
• All new circuit breakers, wiring, and switches

Year Painted



• Completely stripped to bare metal and paint entire airplane with standard basic 2 color stripe scheme.
• Metallic Azure Blue Stripe
• Black Stripe

Year Interior



Complete interior refurbishment
• Including restyled seats with headrests and glare shield
• New door and kick panels with expandable pockets
• New tinted sun visors
• New control yokes w/push-to-talk
• Overhaul seat frames, new front seat rollers, adjustment mechanism, and new seat tracks